Download some live Loose Fur back from the Double Door (Chicago) in 2000.

Download the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot demos (part 2 or 3) from Aquarium Drunkard.
I should start calling this post, “stuff that Aquarium Drunkard has that I don’t…”

is gearing up to take part in the and the 2006 with Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction, ). They’re playing the and then two nights in NYC, and Kimock will be plenty busy before that with his ZERO reunion and at snoe.down. Read more at

The Arctic Monkeys will be on Saturday Night Live this Saturday.
Don’t forget that the new season of The Sopranos starts this Sunday, too.

Rolling Stone reviews Railroad Earth’s Elko. So does newbobby.
I’ll probably have to wait a bit on this review. I need to listen to this album a bunch first…