Well, we already knew about this but I just wanted to make sure we have the full release on paper.

In keeping with the tradition of past solo projects, Trey’s current touring outfit “70 Volt Parade” continues to evolve as the band prepares for the West Coast leg of their Fall Tour in support of Shine. Last week in Princeton, Russell Remington joined the band on saxophone and flute, a show that also marked the return of Jen Hartswick performing on trumpet. Remington is an alumnus from Trey’s 10-piece band as well as a frequent Phish collaborator as part of the “Giant Country Horns.”

After Skeeto’s amicable split based on personal reasons, Trey said “It was amazing performing with Skeeto over the past year…He was a rockin’ drummer.

Trey is very upbeat and optimistic about the changes, “We’re bringin’ the funk to the west coast, so watch out!” he quips with a laugh. [read more]

Am I the only one that finds humor in that last passage? It just seems funny to see this go out in a press release. “Well, Trey is smiley and giddy like a little school girl…” or even worse, “Trey thinks that his new band sucks and he’d like to get Phish back together but he can’t wait to see you on the West coast…” I could have seen it go either way really…