Trey’s New Power-Trio Announced

Yesterday, there was some exciting news to come out of the Phish camp. Fans were excited enough that Mike Gordon would be joining Trey Anastasio at the Annual Warren Haynes Christmas Jam, and now the real heads get a treat which they will surely hype beyond belief–Bill Kreutzmann will be joining Trey and Mike as their own personal rhythm devil.

This will definitely be something worth seeing, but you’re too late if you haven’t bought tickets yet. The Christmas Jam is now sold-out, so you missed your chance to catch this trio in action unless your feel like being the typical, finger-in-the-air, front-door blockin’, fan that waited too long to buy tickets. Personally, I’d prefer you weren’t that guy.

If ANYONE’s going to this show, we’d love for you to submit a review. Email me here.