So, it’s hilarious that for as many times Trey said “This is it…” or “We’re done” with regards to the Phish breakup, he goes right back and lets himself say “Well, I might eat my words years from now…”

From the Illinois Entertainer (my emphasis added)…

So keep all Phish questions at bay, because they’re not getting back together anytime soon . . . right?

“It’s so funny that nobody’s asked me that! We’re definitely not now, and I would never do that because it was all the rage. All I’ll say to that is I’ve said so many stupid things in the past, that have come out of my mouth, if there’s one thing I’m finally starting to learn is I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I’d like to play music for a long time and I love those guys. Who knows?

[via zzyzx]