Well, I’m just rubbing the sleepy out of my eyes this morning after working on my .htaccess page for hours (if you don’t know what it is, good for you). Uhm, then I got an email (thanks Ethan) pointing me to this

Last night during Trey Anastasio’s show in San Francisco, things got a little ugly during the acoustic mini-set. Someone through a beer at Trey during Invisible, and he totally flipped out. Apparently, he went into a rant about how he’s been getting hit by things all summer, and again with the fact that this was a mutual decision between him and his former bandmates in Phish.

Whatever dumbass is going to shows to s*** on the guy onstage is no one that I’d ever want to be at a show with. You’re giving the scene a really bad name, dude. I don’t think any artist really deserves to get pegged with a beer, especially considering the amount that someone is paying for a ticket. I mean, don’t you have better ways to spend your money?

Trey proved resilient and answered accordingly by bringing out Billy Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart for a couple Grateful Dead classics, fully fitting considering the locale. I would think that’d be enough to get a lot of the crowd back into a positive place, and that’s a good thing. Read on for the full setlist.

From Trey’s On the Road…

12/2/05 Warfield Theatre

* 70 Volt Parade >
* Push On ‘Til The Day
* Night Speaks To A Woman
* Bitch (Rolling Stones)
* Sweet Dreams Melinda
* 46 Days
* Shine
* Dark & Down
* [email protected]
* Invisible**
* Loving [email protected]
* Iko Iko&^
* Going Down The Road Feeling Bad^&
* Eyes Of The World^&
* Casey Jones&
* Small Axe^
* Money, Love And Change&
* Come As Melody


* Drifting >
* First Tube


*prerecorded version played over the PA as the band walked on stage.
^with horns.
**with Jen and Christina on backing vocals
&with Bill Kreutzman and Mickey Hart on drums and percussion.