Last year we were celebrating the brand new debut of Trey Anastasio‘s latest Phish side project, Ghosts of the Forest, an emotional journey with Trey through the grieving of losing a close friend. The project debuted and played 20+ original new songs that fans hadn’t heard before, and one of the tracks played was an instrumental piece called “If Again.”

Today Trey Anastasio took to his socials to share the original demo version, which he said was largely credited with efforts from Jeff Tanski. He included a note stating that he was truly more pivotal to the project than many realized, because he was actually doing effects and sounds from behind the curtain.

Jeff and I have worked together many times, dating back to Hands on a Hardbody which is where I met him. Jeff helped me prep the charts for the Ghosts tour, and even added some effects secretly offstage as our man behind the curtain. His nickname on tour was “the great and powerful Jeff Tanski”
Thank you Jeff!

Check out the demo below.