Phish is Back At The Barn in Vermont (For Some Reason)

If you still think it’s a bit weird that Phish fans now follow the children of the members of Phish on social media like I do (this still creeps me out but I’m also old), you may have missed this one little snippet that got posted today showing Trey Anastasio up at the barn in Vermont getting crafty with one of the band’s extra hi-hat stands. As of this morning, all we knew is that he’s with his daughter but that was it.

Then later in the day, another photo surfaced showing Mike and what’s like Fish *also* in the mix.


Could they be planning something for tomorrow night’s Dinner And A Movie livestream, the one where they plan on showing their July 14, 2019 show from Alpine Valley? Maybe laying down those new Trey quarantine tunes on some fresh Pro Tools sessions?

Whatever it is, just know that we’ve got this “shut up and take my money” gif on standby for whenever they announce some live-streaming or something else from the barn that shows the band back in action. 2021 is a long way away for the next Phish show. Hopefully this changes that.