Sorta like a real version of 'Between Two Ferns'

Check out this old school interview that just surfaced on , right at the close of what the kids called 1.0, the band’s busy year 2000 following their Millennium celebration and the readying of their newest , Farmhouse.

The guy leading the questioning is Anthony DeCurtis and he talks to the band about a lot of what’s new in the , how their Story of the Ghost sessions were way different and much more of a democracy than the Farmhouse stuff, and how Trey feels about using their songs in commercials someday. All super interesting stuff.

Bonus points for keeping an open mind about what will come of the music business after Napster broke through, but I love Trey’s response when talking about where the money will be flowing in the future. Sad points taken away for Trey making a drugs joke.

Watch it below.

and on The A List with Anthony DeCurtis in May 2000

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