Trey Anastasio released another new song first thing today, a song called “Lotus” which was written with Tom Marshall. Trey also thanks fellow Phish mate, Jon Fishman, likely for that little drum shuffle that’s the backbeat of the song.

For this song, he gave us a few little tastes of the recording session on his recent Instagram stories, but the full, finished track is longer than expected and a bit more in-depth than the previous FIVE tunes that he’s put out during the social isolation period. He writes on Instagram that it’s about our current plight (obviously) and goes into what he was thinking at the time.

In quarantine, you tend to think a lot. The fate of humanity…what’s going to happen?

This song is about escaping earth, to a different planet, and arriving to find a civilization that has advanced enough to survive its flaws, but in the process, has lost its ability to experience beauty love, art, and even hope. They’ve sacrificed all their flaws in favor of being completely transparent.

Wishing you all Love, health, and Hope.

Check it out below.