Trey Anastasio just released his ninth new song recording during the social isolation period here in the United States. Along with the audio of the song performance, Trey also dropped a note with some gratitude for the health care workers and anyone keeping themselves essential right now and helping others stuck at home. 😢

This song follows up a song released yesterday called “Shaking Someone’s Outstretched Hand,” which is song #8 of Trey’s new collection. His previous seven new songs that have dropped on his social media profiles since the social isolation began are called “Lost in the Pack,” “When the Words Go Away,” “Timeless,” “I Never Needed You Like This Before,” “The Greater Good,” “Lotus,” and “I Never Left Home.”

Hear the new song below and read Trey’s note in full. The song was written with Tom Marshall and Scott Herman.

Hi everyone. I hope that all of you and your families are safe, and I send my deepest love to everyone who is struggling thru this time, physically, financially, emotionally, and in so many other ways.

In the videos I’ve been posting you can see two windows behind me that I sit next to when I write. The windows look out of our apt into the streets of Manhattan. Every night at 7pm the whole city, all 5 boroughs, leans out their windows to scream and cheer and bang on pots and pans to show support for the essential workers, the doctors, medical , police officers, food delivery people, who are going out there and risking everything to take care of others. I wish you could hear the sound. It’s overwhelming. An entire city screaming with love and gratitude.

I honestly don’t know how they do it. These Nurses, grocery store employees, Pharmacists, people who do elder care, animal care, so much. Not just in my city, but essential workers everywhere. This is happening all over our country, and all over the globe.

I want to thank them.

If you are one of these people, Thank You.

In a time like this I see so much good in people. Thank you to all of you who are going out every day to feed people, care for them, protect and treat the sick.

With deepest Gratitude,