Trey Anastasio Shares Favorite Sondheim Song with NY Times

Trey Anastasio of Phish is quoted in a new article just recently published over at New York Times where famous musicians list their favorite Stephen Sondheim song, the legendary Broadway composer. He’s chosen one that rooted deeply in his childhood from his mom’s introduction:

“Mr. Goldstone, I Love You,” from “Gypsy”
My mother was a huge fan of Broadway’s golden age. She had all the original cast recordings, and she gave them to me when I was about 10 years old. “Gypsy” was the one that I played until it wore out the grooves. My childhood favorite was probably “Mr. Goldstone”: “Have a lychee, Mr. Goldstone/ Tell me any little thing that I can do/ Ginger peachy, Mr. Goldstone/ Have a kumquat, have two!” The show had a huge effect on my career, as crazy as that sounds. It was just a giant, giant part of my musical upbringing and landscape.

Other musicians and stars that contributed to the piece were Barbra Streisand, Cameron Crowe, and John Mulaney.

Read the full article here.

As a reminder, the band gave a nod to Sondheim to start their most recent New Year’s Eve celebration set, modifying his classic composition “Send in the Clowns” to “Send in the Clones” which you can see below.