Trey Anastasio does not see his Shadow

treyroom.jpgTrey Anastasio performed a sneak-attack style performance on Thursday night. He’s been in Atlanta finishing off this new album, and more and more the news is telling us that this is not going to be the same Trey that we’re used to. I would really like to see a scientist monitor Trey’s brainwaves; he reinvents himself every so often now. Now, is this Sun Ra Trey? Oysterhead Trey? Jazz-fusion Trey? I’m still working to figure that out. He played Strange Design and a plenty of new ones, with some supposed improvisation thrown in for good measure.

I personally think that this is going to be an interesting incarnation of Trey. I’m forseeing him trying to stay to really small clubs this time through, as he began doing in 1999 when he first took his solo band out. It just seems like his late night set at Bonnaroo is going to be in one of the tents, not the amphitheater. Time will tell.

Here’s the roundup: JamBase,

In other news, Bonnaroo’s artist additions came as no huge surprise to me, and I’m actually surprised that others still are not announced. Point of the story is that Trey Anastasio was announced as performing a “special late night show”, while Mike Gordon has signed on for another show with The Duo. All in all, this is definitely a hot lineup. Hopefully, the weather won’t be too hot to handle.

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