Trey Anastasio Details Out Ghosts of the Forest Inspiration, Release Date Set for New LP, Shares Snippet of “Get In”

"psychedelic guitar liftoffs, ambitious arrangements and extremely personal lyrics."

trey details snippet of ghosts of the forest

UPDATE: Trey shared a snippet of a track called “Get In” today via his social media.

Trey Anastasio has been relatively quiet about what generated the project he announced earlier this year called Ghosts Of the Forest, and fans got interested right away that we saw a tour booked and some instagram clips of grainy variety showing us something we hadn’t seen or heard before, although what that was was yet to be revealed.

With a recent chat with Rolling Stone, Trey let the fans in on the secret — it’s his emotional response to losing his friend Chris Cottrell to cancer last year.

From his teenage years to the ups and downs of his time with Phish, Trey Anastasio had one constant friend in his life: Chris Cottrell, who he camped, hiked and checked in with for decades. “He was my tether to childhood and to a life before Phish happened,” says Anastasio. Cottrell died of cancer last year.

The story goes on to explain that Trey took his next musical cues from what he thought his fallen friend may have wanted to hear, or as Trey put it “psychedelic guitar liftoffs, ambitious arrangements and extremely personal lyrics.” And for the shows on tour, Trey is working with a production designer this time around, specifically Abigail Holmes who actually worked on Stop Making Sense. So that’s a thing.

As for the album, it’s due out on April 12th and Trey said it’s something that he went through serious doubt about after recording, but his band mates of Jon FishmanJennifer HartswickCelisse HendersonTony Markellis, and Ray Paczkowski are giving him wings to bring the vision to light.

A recent thread went around on Twitter discussing some of the recent songs that have been registered under Trey’s publishing arm, which you can see here. Some of these titles are likely on that new Ghosts of the Forest LP, or some of them are even off a new project we haven’t heard about yet.

We like inspired Trey, and can’t wait to see what the new music brings from him. Here are the dates of the tour which kicks off next week.

A screen-grab of the full article is below today on Reddit…