Trey Anastasio Chats with Rolling Stone & Reveals More Ghosts of the Forest Info

Trey Anastasio sat down for a lengthy chat with Patrick Doyle in an article that was just published on Rolling Stone. In the interview, Trey details out some more of the inspiration behind his new Ghosts of the Forest project that will be playing their first shows this week.

It’s my job to do something new and to progress. It’s not like everybody is going to like everything. That isn’t my job, but I want to care. The bands that I loved cared.

Earlier today Trey released the first official new single for the Ghosts of the Forest project, the aptly self-titled “Ghosts of the Forest” which launches the new album into the ether. Now we have a full tracklist and some more details, but this interview really seals the deal on making this something that fans need to be paying attention to.

Trey mentions going back to the vibe and the days of old here, with the realization that Tony and Fish have never actually really played together at a rhythm section. And there’s a narrative to the live show, including some improvisation surely, but there will definitely be a plan to the shows.

Stop what you’re doing and read this article. You will learn a lot about the new project, and you better snatch up those extras quickly.