Trey Anastasio Shares “Carini” from The Beacon Jams

Trey Anastasio recently finished up his run dubbed The Beacon Jams and it’s something us fans will be talking about for ages. Numerous highlights came out of the run, and a number of really fantastic debuts from Trey Anastasio Band made the setlists.

One of those final moments that got fans crazed was when the full band opened up with “Carini” during the final week of the run. Well, it wasn’t the opener per se — Trey and his backing vocalists debuted a new song in the hallway before strolling on stage and busting out this behemoth.

Thankfully, they just shared some 4K video of that moment, which you can watch below. They also shared the “Pebbles and Marbles” from that week as well.

Trey Anastasio - Carini - The Beacon Theatre - 11/27/20 (4K HDR)