Trey Anastasio and 70VP Record Taking Shape

Update: Here’s some more over at Billboard. Straight from the source, Trey’s on Columbia records now and wrote all the lyrics for the album himself. Check it out.

I missed this on Tuesday but picked it back up again thanks to Hans.


will release his first studio album since parting ways with , Shine, on November 1. Showcasing a variety of musicians, as well as his current backing band 70 Volt Parade, Shine will feature 12 tracks including longtime Band staple “Sweet Dreams Melinda.” Produced by Brendan O’Brien (, ), Shine will also feature several of the new songs Anastasio has been previewing on the road this summer such as “Tuesday,” “Invisible” and “Love That Breaks All Lines.” Anastasio will support Shine with a national tour tentatively scheduled to begin after the album’s release.

I originally thought that this one would be called Invisible, but it’s fine really either way. I’m definitely curious as to what this will sound like. Completely raw and under-produced like Round Room? Over-produced and too poppy for some people like Undermind? Truth is, I liked them both and I’d love to see how Trey and 70VP bring their stuff to the studio. There’s just so much to do, and I hope he does it well…

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