The lineup for the was just announced, promptly crashing the website and bringing down the site with it. Whoops.

Here’s the scoop from Pitchfork:

The first day, headlined by (somewhat surprisingly) , has a lineup that leans toward stuff with dancey electronic influences: , , , , , , , , , , , and . headline the second day, which is way heavier on guitars, bass, and drums. , , the , and the Jicks, , , , , , , , and will all play.

Seeing and on the same day makes me beyond excited and it may mean I will finally make it out onto the shuttle buses to see this festival once and for all. I’ve heard good things but I’ve also heard the crowd and the vibe skews younger than some of the other festivals that get me psyched up, and despite last year’s headlining slot, I’d never been too amped on who they’d booked to be the main talent on the lineup. This year’s choices of and won’t be enough to change that sentiment but the other talent on the lineup would be great to catch on that floating enclave in the middle of the Bay.

October 15-16, 2011
(SF ), CA

Saturday, October 15

Sunday, October 16


The Antlers

The Head and the