“To get 1,000 miles from the , a rocket would need this much power” is the first line we hear on ’s new album Recess. It’s a premonition, if nothing else. This album is absolutely electrifying from beginning to end, clearly exhibiting enough power to literally propel a rocket ship into space. Taking //the world by surprise, Sonny Moore’s “Alien Ride” app changed from a simple video game into a timed release of each track off his new album. This album is a perfect balance of familiar sound and fresh, innovative production. See for yourself…

All Is Fair in Love & BroStep ( Ragga Twins)
This massive track shows the world that this album will showcase the Skrillex that we all know and love. His melodic breakdowns are accented by slow, searing testimony by Ragga Twins. The result: a huge robot/reggae anthem reminding us just dangerous Brostep can be.


Recess ( Fat Man Scoop and )
This upbeat banger is one of my on the album. -esque vocals lead the way for this infectious track, which is a little more bubbly than we’re used to seeing from Sonny. And with Fat Man Scoop hyping like nobody else can? The result: a dance-party-inducing anthem that’s sure to be a club favorite by like…tomorrow.


Stranger (with Killagraham, Milo + Otis and Sam Dew)
There’s a fun indie vibe to this track that I love. A pseudo-gypsy breakdown perfectly frames the spacey -style vocals. This song is a clear departure from Sonny’s typical sound. The result: As creative as it is catchy, this is probably one of the best tracks we’ve heard off the upcoming Divergent soundtrack thus far (Sorry boo—but I’m lookin at you, ).


Try It Out – Neon Mix (with )
Alongside fellow artist , Skrillex shows off his signature siren-style bassline on this one. Already a fan favorite, this track had been released prior to the and it’s a perfect fit on this album. The result: a mid-set stomper with laser guns out in full force.


Coast is Clear (with the Rapper)
Man, I wish I could have been the room when this bad boy got cooked up. Two of the most innovative artists in the game come together to create a beautifully jazzy and light-hearted masterpiece. With wild elements of DnB and impressive instrumentation, this sound exhibits Sonny’s raw musical talent and ’s offbeat, unique flow. The result: An unexpected, funky (and weirdly sexy) ode to the art of getting snug.


Dirty Vibe (with CL + G-Dragon and )
Un-paralleled rhythmic power and grimy vocals ignite this chopped up track that was co-produced by . CL and G-Dragon color this track with their distinctive, in-your-face style of rap. One of the more surprising collaborations on this album, but I don’t hate it. The result: a quartet of pint-sized troublemakers working as a team to get this mothaf*cka turnt up!


Ragga Bomb (with the Ragga Twins)
This is one of the most enormous tracks on the album. Backed by Skrillex’s dirty, moombahton sound, The Ragga Twins raises the stakes on this one. This song has as much raw, churning power as some of the recent mix tapes (a ‘gold standard’ for artists to work towards in my mind). The result: an execution-style bass march that stops for no man.


Doompy Poop (with Mishka)
At first, this track was a little bit off-putting for me. Methodical and glitchy, this track has a spaced-out sound with an aggressive edge of mischief. Though I was sure I hated it, I realized that I had listened to the whole and was actually ready to give it another go. The result: An electro-space acid trip teetering delicately on (though never completely going over) the edge of darkness.


Fuck That
As aggressive as the name might suggest, this track is a no-holds-barred audio assault. The drop is unexpected and minimal with a conga-style drive and a distorted, wompy-sound. The result: Though it is quite loud, it’s maybe the most vanilla track on the album, but it’s still more Tahitian Vanilla Bean than plain boring vanilla.


Ease My Mind
The breathy female vocal sample is reminiscent of an overplayed or anthem but with a welcome dose of grit and discontent. Her voice is pleading and discontent. They drop packs the typical Skrillex punch but with unique, borderline middle-eastern instrumentation. The result: an eerily heavyweight electro-ballad that all the ladies can sing along to. (Watch out for haus remixes of this one coming soon.)


Fire Away
The delicate, pleading intro juxtaposes the lyrics of “f*** this place, fire away” in an ironic but fitting way. With restrained musicality, this expertly crafted track is the perfect way to close this dynamite album. Though the lyrics are dystopian, the song is ultimately uplifting. Relaxed and somewhat peaceful, this song sounds almost like a lullaby in comparison to the rest of the album. The result: One last smooth, laidback jam to put this bad boy to bed.


Overall, we think this is a monumental achievement for Sonny Moore. He hasn’t lost , heavyweight sound we anticipate from him, but he hasn’t sacrificed any growth to do so. He knows what his want, and he’s found a way to deliver while still evolving and progressing. He’s a Grammy-winning producer already, and with Recess he continues to prove his worth.

His ‘Mothership’ tour hits the circuit with , and before officially taking flight on May 23rd in Oklahoma City, OK. With world-class support from , , (Flue + Emoh Instead) and Milo & Otis, this tour is the stuff of legends. go on sale March 14th — DO. NOT. MISS. IT.

Skrillex Mothership Tour 2014
March 13-15 – , Texas ()
March 26-28 – , Fla. ( Conference)
March 30 – , Fla. ()
April 12 & 19 – Indio, Calif. ()
May 23 – Oklahoma City, Okla. (Zoo Amphitheatre)
May 24 – , Kan. (Cricket Wireless Amphitheater)
May 26 – Louisville, Ky. (Louisville Waterfront Park)
May 27 – Cleveland, Ohio (Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica)
May 28 – Detroit, Mich. (Masonic Temple)
May 30-31 – , Ontario (TD Beach)
June 2 – Rochester, N.Y. (CMAC Performing Arts Center)
June 3 – Albany, N.Y. (The Avenue Armory)
June 4 – Gilford, N.H. (Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion at Meadowbrook)
June 7 – , N.Y. ()
June 8 – Baltimore, Md. (Pimlico Race Course)
June 9 – Richmond, Va. (Brown’s Island)
June 13-14 – , Tenn. ()
June 17 – , Mo. (Chaifetz Arena)
June 18 – Omaha, Neb. (Mid America Center)
June 20-21 – , Colo. ( Amphitheatre)
July 30 – , Maine (Cumberland County Civic Center)

Molly grew up in the Pacific Northwest before attending the University of Colorado at Boulder and receiving her BFA in Filmmaking. She is currently living in LA with her best friend aka her dog. She calls herself a writer/photographer.