announced today that they’ve created a tool for allowing musicians to publish their tour dates across a myriad of online networks, much like the ArtistData tool that was bought by Sonicbids a few years back. They’re calling this tool ; read more from their founder Ian here via their official blog post.

Today, we’re expanding our mission to enable artists to join ’s community of people who believe in the power of live music. We’re excited to tell you about , our revolutionary new publishing tool for artists. It’s super easy-to-use. Simply enter your tour dates, once, and we publish them everywhere. Automagically they hit Songkick, , and as well as on an artist’s website, and Tumblr. helps musicians at any stage of their career power their tour listings across all of their pages and profiles.

This isn’t the first tool of its type created for musicians. I’ve used ArtistData with my band NVO and it’s certainly an easy tool to use, but with the grown behind Songkick and their on and , I’m putting money on them as the provider of choice in the world of “independent” concert data in the long run future.

Read more: TechCrunch

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