TOUR DATES: Yeasayer’s Final Shows Before LP4 Recording Break

Yeasayer just clued fans in on their plans to wrap the Fragrant World tour this summer before they “disappear into the ether to write + record our 4th long player.” It will certainly be interesting to see which stylistic direction they head next. Check out the band’s message and tour dates below the random Rodney Dangerfield diving video that I…just…can’t…stop…watching.

A message from Yeasayer to Fans

A final note to remind you that we are about to embark on our final 2013 journey before we disappear into the ether to write + record our 4th long player. Our journey through the Fragrant World had it’s glories as well it’s detractor’s. Challenging one’s idea of sounds and music is an essential task if we are to move forward, and we are glad that you have stayed on board for the journey.

On our final shows coming up we promise to deliver the best show we can, as we always have, since the first days of cruising around crammed in Ira’s busted van. Upon finishing the final summer show we will dedicate all processes to album #4, something we promise will top every Yeasayer incarnation that preceded. We’ll be in contact during this tour, but once we retreat we will grow silent in the world that PRISM monitors, but be assured we will be very busy in the shadows.

Again, none of this is possible without your ultimate support. This is about us as it is as much about you. Thank you.

Your summer video to take ingest things to:

Rodney Dangerfield Won't Stop Diving




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