As the leaves begin to turn and football season kicks off, is once again revving up to go out on an ambitious 30-show Fall tour. Like the cockroach or the before them, this is a band that thankfully won’t quit. With 30 dates at some intriguing and a return to New Orleans to continue their long-standing tradition in the city, this year’s tour hits the left, right, top and bottom of the U.S. and after playing a couple shows in Idaho, Nebraska, and Arkansas this summer, you’d be hard-pressed to forge an argument that these guys aren’t hitting up all the markets.

After up the Ryman in 2007 and reportedly destroying all alcohol sales records, the boys are returning to the hallowed stage once again to wrap the Southern portion of the tour. Tickets are still surprisingly on-sale for those shows, so if you’re in the Middle Tennessee area, you’re probably not gonna wanna miss those. Also, with three shows in the Atlanta area (two in and a Charity show downtown), it looks like Panic is going out west for this year’s New Year’s run. With all these major market weekend runs, fans will get the opportunity to settle in and take in a nice chunk of the band’s epic catalogue. So whether you’re in Milly-Wauk-ay, the Bay area or South Beach, you’ll be able to get your fix of the most trusty American jam band out there this fall. Be safe, enjoy the golden road, and remember kids, never miss a Sunday show! Enjoy.

2010 :

09/17 – Morgantown, WV @ West Virginia University Coliseum
09/18 – , VA @ Pavilion
09/19 – Baltimore, MD @ Pier Six Pavilion
09/21 – , OH @ PNG Pavilion at Riverbend Music Center
09/23 – Atlanta, GA @ Centerstage Live
09/24 – , GA @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
09/25 – Alpharetta, GA @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
09/28 – Tallahassee, FL @ Leon County Civic Center
09/30 – , FL @ The Beach
10/01 – St. Augustine, FL @ St. Augustine Amphitheater
10/02 – , SC @ Patriot’s Point
10/04 – , TN @ The
10/05 – , TN @ The
10/06 – Nashville, TN @ The Ryman Auditorium
10/08 – Kansas City, MO @ Theater
10/09 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Riverside Theater
10/10 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Riverside Theater
10/13 – @ The Rail Events Center
10/15 – , CA @
10/16 – , CA @
10/17 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater
10/19 – Reno, NV @ Grand Sierra Theater
10/20 – Reno, NV @ Grand Sierra Theater
10/22 – Los Angeles, CA @
10/23 – , NV @ at The Hard Rock Cafe
10/24 – Valley Center, CA @ Open Sky Theater at Harrah’s
10/27 – Grand Prairie, @ Verizon Theater
10/29 – New Orleans, LA @ Kiefer
10/30 – New Orleans, LA @ Kiefer
10/31 – New Orleans, LA @ Kiefer UNO Lakefront Arena

Also, Panic will soon be releasing the follow-up to 2002’s Live In The Classic City live album from the same three-night Athens, GA, performances (April 1-3, 2000) as the original, Live In The Classic City II. The performances also include special guests like Mike Mills (), percussionist Arvin Scott, producer John (longtime producer and pedal steel enthusiast), and vocalists Daniel Hutchens (Bloodkin) and Anne Richmond Boston.

Finally, here’s something to listen to jumpstart that Monday morning: a powerful rendition of “Let’s Get The Show On The Road” from the archival release Carbondale 2000, “Pleas” from 4/14/2007 in Huntsville, a dark and heavy “Impossible” from this past New Year’s Eve and finally, the band’s first live performance of the instant classic “Up All Night” from the last time the Panic played the Ryman 10/26/2007.

Widespread Panic – “Let’s Get This Show on the Road” (from Carbondale 2000) [MP3]
Widespread Panic – “Pleas” (Live in Huntsville, 4/14/07) [MP3]
Widespread Panic – “Impossible” (Live in Atlanta, 12/31/09) [MP3]
Widespread Panic – “Up All Night” (Live in Nashville, 10/26/07) [MP3]

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