(updated on 10/20/11 for Chicago additions)

Longtime readers already know that I’ve got a sweet spot in my heart (er, earsKVHW ‘Down in the Wetlands’, touting some of my favorite cuts from (Kimock, Vega, Hurtz, and White) shows from the late 90s (which I highly recommend checking out if you’re at all interested in Kimock’s sound). Unfortunately, after that project disbanded around 2000-2001, catching Steve with Bobby on bass duties became a bit of a rarity…especially out here on the East Coast.

So you can imagine how stoked I was to hear the news that Steve will be reuniting with Bobby and a few other interesting friends for some shows this fall in Denver, Cali, Chicago and Brooklyn. Here are all the deets…

w/ Melvin Seals, and Wally Ingram

Quixote’s True Blue
Denver, CO

featuring , Wally Ingram and Eric levy
Sun. Oct 30
Humboldt Brews
Arcata, CA

Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY


w/ , , Wally Ingram

Chicago, IL

It’ll be interesting to see who those “special guests” are out here in Brooklyn. This past March, I caught Steve’s last “SK & Friends” show

But the true bottom line is that Kimock and Vega are back in NYC playing at another Pete Shapiro-owned music venue…so this is bound to get a bit reminiscent of the good old days “Down in the Wetlands.”