touchandgo25.gifTouch & Go 25th Anniversary Celebration
September 8-10, 2006
Hideout, Chicago, IL

Friday, September 8:
9:00pm !!!
8:00pm Ted Leo + Pharmacists
7:00pm Girls Against Boys
6:00pm Supersystem
5:00pm The Shipping News

Saturday, September 9:
9:00pm Shellac
8:40pm Big Black
7:45pm Man…or Astroman?
6:50pm Scratch Acid
6:30pm Sally Timms (Mekons)
6:00pm Negative Approach
5:40pm PW Long (Mule)
4:55pm Didjits
4:35pm Jon Langford and Katrin Bornfeld (Mekons/The Ex)
3:50pm Killdozer
2:55pm The Ex
2:35pm Tim Midgett and Andy Cohen (Silkworm)
1:50pm Pegboy
12:55pm Uzeda
12:00pm The New Year

Sunday, September 10:
9:00pm Calexico
8:00pm Pinback
7:00pm CocoRosie
6:05pm The Black Heart Procession
5:45pm Brick Layer Cake
5:00pm Seam
4:40pm Tara Jane O’Neil
3:55pm Three Mile Pilot
3:00pm Enon
2:00pm The Monorchid
1:00pm Quasi
12:00pm Arcwelder

I doubt I’ll make it out for this but I’m curious to see how it turns out…