Tool Wants to Release New Music But Lawsuits Have Been Preventing Progress

That's annoying.

Tool fans have been waiting patiently for some hope and promise of new music from the band for a while now, and while they’ve continued to book tours in the eight years since their last release, 10,000 Days, there’s been no promise of a new album or new music for quite some time.

Today, Rolling Stone published something that proves the band wishes it was to the contrary. Apparently the band has been mired in legal disputes with a friend from the past, which got escalated to their insurance company, which resulted in another dispute which has caused all sides to be stuck in a court-system legal battle with everyone suing each other. All of this has resulted in the band feeling stuck spending their time on that crap versus actually, ya know, writing and releasing new music.

“The whole thing is really depressing,” [Danny] Carey says. “The bad thing is it’s really time consuming. As we’ve gotten older and our priorities have changed, it’s hard to get the band on a good, solid schedule as it is. People have kids now. And there’s lots of other things that pop up. To throw this into the mix, it makes everything that much worse and stresses people out.”

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