Tonight: Fleet Foxes @ The Independent

Remember when I said I was burnt out on live music? It’s still largely true and probably the main reason I’m just opting to skip the Treasure Island Music Festival this weekend, but there are some seriously good late-night shows that I just couldn’t pass up. And thanks to my new friends at betterPropaganda I’ve got myself a ticket into tonight’s Fleet Foxes show at The Independent, probably my favorite small club that I’ve been to in the city so far. I cannot wait. The band’s eponymous release has been on steady rotation on my iPhone for months now. It’s one of those albums that you just put on it ebbs and flows until you never quite know where it’s starting or ending. Each song has many different movements to it, with various tempos and different folky arrangements, and each one feels as epic as bombastic as the one prior. It’s really a fantastic album and I’m eager as hell to see these guys live. Time to let them feed their haunting vocal melodies directly into my soul.