Tonight: Everyone Orchestra @ Great American Music Hall

I’m about to head out to check out Everyone Orchestra at Great American Music Hall, a pretty solid venue and one I could get comfortable seeing shows at. It’s walking distance from my current place of residence, so that’s pretty sweet, too. See you in the beer line.

THE EVERYONE ORCHESTRA is a revolving cast of stellar musicians brought together by drummer/conductor Matt Butler for concerts, festival super jams and special benefit events. EO’s interactive, improvisational experiences are designed to create space for each performer’s musical personality to shine, engage the audience as participants in the jam and to facilitate a massive celebratory coming together.

What makes Everyone Orchestra performances stand out from other musical collaborations is the conducting and audience participation. Butler facilitates the jams using giant cue cards, hand signals and more which direct the musicians and audience alike in flowing, playful and incredibly dynamic co-creations.

Everyone Orchestra “Conducting” [YouTube]