Duo sweet balc spot

, Jam in the ‘Dam 2006 | Photo © Justin Ward

Last night I got to see a great show and I’m fortunate to have gotten in for free — that perk will never get old, by the way — but I’m definitely looking forward to the show that I’ll be hitting tonight in the neighborhood immediately east (and over a hill) from my current place of residence. The Benevento/Russo Duo is starting a four-night residency at the Mojito in the North Beach neighborhood, and I couldn’t be more excited to get up close and personal with the guys again after first getting comfortable with their repertoire over in Amsterdam during Jam in the ‘Dam 2006. The band is promising some treats, some surprises, and a dip into the back catalogue, which inevitably means they’ll be blowing minds for four nights in a row before playing a sunset-lit stage at Outside Lands on Friday. Can’t wait.

The Duo will be playing four consecutive nights at the in August 17, 18, 19, and 20. The comfortable and intimate setting will certainly remind some of the old Tap Bar days, and we’d guess that the experience might lead to some old-school musical explorations on stage. All this will exploration will blossom into a huge, blooming festival set at the simply amazing and Arts in Golden Gate park on August 22nd.

For those that didn’t read it the first time through, go back and get a look at the editorial that Andrew wrote up on the current state of and how many artists are looking at interesting approaches to saving money on the cost of getting their show on the road. The residency is something I wouldn’t mind seeing more of, assuming the artists themselves don’t mind being gone from home for longer. Thankfully a lot of us are in an environment that supports such things and doesn’t work to take them away.

See you in the line.

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