If you’re like us here at LMB and you’re a fan (although not as huge of a fan as writer BBG), your feed has likely been active this weekend the news that has joined (@TomMarshall111) and gotten to tweeting immediately that he was planning on releasing demos and early versions of many of the tunes that know and love. Noice!

He’s started a Soundcloud page where some of these demos are being uploaded.

Nothing by ThunderBurn

I got most excited when I saw this one below, though…

I Am Hydrogen by ThunderBurn

That is just incredible. And best of all, Trey totes approves…

…even though Tom doubts himself from time to time.

We’ll be the first to say right that this is the part of and that specifically excites us. Especially when you get to learn of hidden tidbits and stories that you wouldn’t have otherwise heard, like when he explains that “Silent in the Morning” was into the two tracks that we’ve always annotated the song (“The Horse” attached to the front) for the recording Rift. Originally it was meant as one. He doesn’t know why it was cut.

Silent in the Morning by ThunderBurn

Awesome stuff. Follow along at his Twitter account so you don’t miss any of the “action” ( we’re Phish nerds)….

Update: Tom posted the original version of “Backwards Down the Number Line” that he received from Trey, arguably one of the most moving stories that he could ever reveal about one of our “golden gods” and how his rough period was hard on everyone else around him as well.

Backwards Down the Numberline by ThunderBurn

This one was the one that reunited Trey and me again after a long silence in September 2007. Trey was in Saratoga Springs, NY, working very hard in his Drug Court program — helping himself, helping others…but not communicating with anyone…on purpose. His dad was key to breaking the silence and said I could email Trey a Happy Birthday and he “might answer”. At first I thought he was joking, because until that moment, Trey NEVER used email! So I sent off a birthday poem…these lyrics. 2 hours later I received an “Oh My God, Tom” email. Then soon after, a phone call where he played me this song. Our writing conquered the chasm…the rift. The we did best and did forever, songwriting, reignited our friendship.

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