New Ticketmaster app now available through the App Store

Psyched to see this news via our friends at Hidden Track: Ticketmaster just recently released an iOS app now available for free through the App Store, which is definitely big news for live music fans that lean towards the Apple fanboy side of things. I’ll be downloading this right away hopefully giving it the necessary tweaks it needs to alert me on the upcoming shows or tours that I’d care about, and see how it works overall.

Here’s the description on the app’s functionality straight from the source:

What are you doing tonight? Get the tickets you want on the go with the Ticketmaster app now available for iPhone and iPod touch!

The Ticketmaster App instantly connects you to nearby concerts based on the music in your iTunes library – you’ll know who’s playing where when you’re in the mood for live music.

Get mobile alerts about onsales and last-minute tickets for your favorite events
Browse and search for more concerts, games, and other events in your area
Share your plans with friends using Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare
Get the new Ticketmaster App now and find the fun you’ve been missing.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see how this app plays into the functionality built into the other Ticketmaster systems and which artist on-sale will be the first “debacle” (i.e. when scalpers buy all of the tickets) of the entire process. I’m not entirely expecting them to pull this off super smoothly in all cases because scalpers will always find a way against the systems put in place to slow them down, but as Whit brought up in the Kraftwerk ticketing debacle post, it’s pretty clear they can still handle requests at scale that some of the smaller ticketing providers just can’t handle. So we have to trust that they’ll sort it out between those two concerns.

Anyone buy tickets with the app yet? How was the experience?