Ticketing Start-up Eventbrite Gets $50M, Bigger Events

Eventbrite just announced that they’ve raised another $50 million to continue on their path of offering event promoters choices in how they sell their tickets online. Here’s the news via NY Times…

Eventbrite, a ticketing start-up based in San Francisco, got its start by offering to help any event organizer peddle tickets — whether it be for a yoga class or an indie comedy show.

Now the company is looking to tackle ticketing for bigger events — and it is getting a large boost of liquid confidence from investors who think it stands a chance at stealing business from Ticketmaster, the industry giant.

On Wednesday, Eventbrite announced that it had raised $50 million in venture capital in a Series E round of financing. The influx of cash came from several firms and was led by Tiger Global. This round brings the amount of money Eventbrite has raised to a hefty $79.5 million

TechCrunch has a quite writeup of the announcement as well.


  1.  I wonder how long it takes before Live Nation/Ticketmaster offers this upstart a price they can’t refuse. Hopefully they are owned by the same stubborn dude that owns Craig’s List. Fight the power!

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