Thrillcall Announces Mobile App for Last-minute Ticket Offers

Thrillcall has been in the concert listings game for a few years now with a site that’s similar to the likes of Songkick, Bandsintown, and JamBase. But today, they’ve announced a new mobile app that will offer a twist on the concert listings game — exclusive ticket offers via mobile to live music fans in LA and SF.

Sound familiar? That’s because we recently posted about a brand-new app called WillCall which just launched in the San Francisco area to offer concert fans last-minute tickets to shows. Both Justin and I got excited about that one, but it now looks like they’ve got some competition from one of the main concert listing providers.

Although similar sites like Songkick, Bandsintown, and JamBase have all had great mobile apps for some time, I don’t beleive any of them have specifically incorporated last-minute ticket deals into their mobile offering. Of course, there’s also that giant white elephant in the room — Live Nation / Ticketmaster — which recently partnered with Groupon to offer last-minute ticket deals for concert fans as well. Although the deal was not specific to mobile, one can certainly imagine it being a core part of their promo plan.

All of these developments point to interesting new era where promoters and ticketing companies are increasingly seeing mobile apps and social networks as hot channels for selling extra ticketing inventory. Although these apps remain largely untested, and we can only assume that most last-minute deals will not apply to the hottest tickets, it still makes for an exciting time to be an avid concert fanatic with a smartphone.

Now, if we can only get these apps in NYC!


  1. Thanks for the promo guys. Much appreciated and love your blog.

    We’re pretty excited for our forthcoming product. It’s really about concert discovery for the consumer and a promotional platform for the promoter, venue, artist, blog, whomever.

    Most people know when the band they love is coming to their town. They make sure of it or buy tickets the second it’s announced on Twitter, Thrillcall or wherever. Our app builds on that and will allow you to really learn about, discover and bands you may never have heard of.
    True discovery.

    A side note, the concept of “mass discounting”–regardless of show fill rate or artist affinitiy–is not great for the industry as a whole–artists, venues and promoters work hard at their craft.

    Discounting en masses diminishes the value of the ticket in the consumer’s eyes, hurts the perception of the artist who is playing and compromises the planned promotional budget of the promoter and venue….and in the end it all comes back to reducing the experience of the consumer.

    I think you’ll see new ticketing instruments and promotions here in 2012 that better aid pricing without the notion of mass discounting.

    Thanks guys!

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