Thom Yorke Posts Mystery White Vinyl Photo on Tumblr, Internet Explodes

It’s pretty much a given that when Thom Yorke does something, anything really, we’re all there paying attention to what it means (if anything at all). While we may not always know his intentions straight away, someone will eventually get to the bottom of it and all of a sudden the music world will be blessed with some new form of genius that we haven’t exactly seen before. Maybe we’re seeing the start of that with the post Thom put up on Tumblr yesterday.

On his record player sits a white vinyl record, and nearby we see art from the same artist that did the Atoms for Peace . Nigel Goddard has shared the same photo. What could it mean — new music from Radiohead coming? New unreleased Atoms for Peace stuff? No doubt the social media push is deliberate as anything else those two would ever do, and they certainly know how to incite a little media storm with the push of a Publish button.

We’ll be following along closely to see what comes of this.

UPDATE: Thom Yorke just announced a new album called Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes and released it via BitTorrent Bundles.