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soufflés and budweisers with umphrey’s mcgee |

it seems as thought umphrey’s mcgee is having a good publicity month. check out their setlist from last friday night. tell me again why i didn’t go to this show? i really don’t understand. i seem to just purposely say, “well, i probably won’t miss too much”. and then i check the setlist and the message boards, and i’m sorely disappointed.

other news from umphrey’s mcgee
umphrey’s mcgee reaches the shore, umphrey’s mcgee to be on the cover of dec./jan. relix (i need to find a reputable source for this), new year’s eve will be released as a dvd

this is going to definitely be the defining year for umphrey’s mcgee. from the late night bonnaroo set to all this, this band will soon be bigger than your grandma.