Third Man Records Creates a Turntable with Shinola

Third Man Records has partnered up with a fellow Detroit institution Shinola to create the first ever Third Man Turntable. The new item is now available for pre-order online now and will be available in Third Man Records stores on Black Friday.

Every element, including the craftsmanship of the plinth, precision-machined aluminum platter, and powerful, ultra-quiet motor, is hand-assembled piece by piece. The turntable features a built in, switchable phono preamplifier and a belt driven pulley with speeds of 33 1/3 rpm and 45rpm. It is equipped with an Ortofon 2M blue phono cartridge with many components made by VPI Industries, an American veteran of turntable manufacturing.


This initial run is very limited, so act quickly. The Third Man Turntable is available for pre-order online and available in Third Man Records stores on Black Friday.

Here are some more of the details grabbed from the pre-order page.

Dimensions: 18” x 13.875” x 7.5”

VPI aluminum tonearm
Factory mounted Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge
Two-speed belt driven pulley (33 1/3 rpm/45rpm)
Precision-machined aluminum platter
Machined top plate
built-in, switchable phono preamplifier (comes with pre-amp enabled)
Ultra-quiet motor

Type — Belt driven manual turntable
Motor — 115 VAC Synchronous AC Motor
Turntable Speeds — 33-1/3 RPM and 45 RPM

Cartridge — Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge
Output — 5.5 mV @ 1 KHz
Power Supply — ~120 V 60 Hz ~15.5 W MAX

Safety Approvals — Built to meet CSA 60065 and UL 60065 Dimensions — 18.5” (470 mm) W x 13.5” (343 mm) D x 4.3” (109 mm) H Weight — 40 lbs. (18 kg)

Third Man/Shinola Turntable Base
Built-in switchable Phono Preamplifier
Tone Arm
RCA Cables
IEC Power Cable
Third Man Leather Slipmat
Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge
Turntable Belt (2)
Quick Start Guide
Instructions to enable or disable the Built-In Phono Preamplifier