The Slip Reunited @ JamBase 20th Anniversary Celebrations in Bay Area

© Jason Rappaport

One of our favorite musical trios, The Slip, reunited in the Bay Area this weekend.

The trio of Brad Barr, Marc Friedman and Andrew Barr have since moved on from calling this a regular project, but given that they had their gear out there and Surprise Me Mr. Davis sets as part of a secret headlining set for the JamBase 20th Anniversary Party at The Chapel, it’s a fantastic inevitability to report that they did do their own set as the trio.

JamBase was celebrating a wildly impressive milestone in today’s digital media world, their 20 Year Anniversary publishing content on their dot com, nothing close to an easy feat to sustain. So it looks like they called on some old favors.

It’s pretty impressive to see that the Barr Bros paused what they’re working on for a set of shows out West. And I get creative and wonder if someone on the JamBase staff personally requested that trio or if that just happened to be more of an impromptu thing. Either way, fans win.

As for the trio’s reunion itself, it happened for a minute or two on Saturday night at The Chapel but an entire set of music went down last night (Sunday, June 2nd) at the secret secret reveal which was the 2nd JamBase show planned up in Mill Valley at Bob Weir’s Sweetwater Music Hall. From the looks of the handbill I saw handed out to audience members, it was a party featuring a who’s who of ‘Base friends and musician pairings meant for the exclusive audience.

Can’t wait to see if they have more official videos or photos coming, especially seeing that Eric Krasno sat in for part of their set.

Check out the setlist below…

The Slip @ JamBase 20th Anniversary Party

June 2, 2019
Sweetwater Music Hall
Mill Valley, CA

Headshot >
Sometimes True To Nothing
Get Me With Fuji
The Soft Machine
From The Gecko (with Eric Krasno)
Something Learned
The Original Blue Air >
Children of December
If One of Us Should Fall
Baba O’Reilly
Last One Ever (with Nathan Moore and Eric Krasno)

Setlist via Harry McQuillen