The Secret Machines Release Live Album ‘Live at The Garage’ from London 2006 Concert

© Mike McNamara

The Secret Machines – comprised of Brandon Curtis (vocals, bass and keys) and Josh Garza (drums) – have released a new live album, Live at The Garage, via Run Out Groove.

Taken from their January 18, 2006 concert at The Garage in London, the recordings have been in the vault until now.


Secret Machines blend krautrock, prog-rock, space-rock and ambient tendencies. Originally comprised of Brandon Curtis on vocals, bass and keyboards, Benjamin Curtis on guitar and backing vocals and Josh Garza on drums, the band formed in Dallas, TX and moved to NYC in 2000. Between 2004 and 2008, Secret Machines released three albums – Now Here is Nowhere (2004), Ten Silver Drops (2006), Secret Machines (2008) – with Philip E. Karnats joining the band on guitar for the 3rd self-titled album.

Live at The Garage, Recorded on 1/18/2006 Track Listing: 

Side A
1. I Hate Pretending 5:24
2. The Road Leads Where It’s Led 6:58
3. Lightning Blues Eyes 6:10
Side B
1. Pharoah’s Daughter 5:08
2. Daddy’s In the Doldrums 8:37
3. Better Bring Your Friends 4:22
Side C
1. Faded Lines 5:56
2. Sad and Lonely 5:00
3. You Are Chains 5:41
4. Nowhere Again 4:45
Side D
1. Alone Jealous & Stoned 7:45
2. First Wave Intact 10:50
Live at The Garage is currently streaming on Apple MusicSpotifyAmazon Music and is available on vinyl as a limited-edition pre-sale only HERE through April 9, 2019.