This blog post by zzyzx over at got me thinking, and we regularly get asked to provide an update to the fans on the latest and greatest rumor mill nonsense surrounding the band. I asked our friend @phortin to write up some of his thoughts… –Editor

We are less than ten days away from Phish’s continuation of Summer tour — AKA Leg 2. The band and the community will descend on the Bay Area, more precisely, The Greek Theatre in Berkeley for the only three-night run of Twenty-Ten (so far…)

That “so far” is what keeps the community abuzz in between tours apparently. Just as we follow Twitter for set list updates during tour, some, many, follow the rumors of future touring. With a community of Phish fans usually rocking the “living in the now” mindset, you would think that their futures market would be relatively carefree. Instead we agonize and try to predict where the “All-Request-Band” will go next, even if it’s five months in the future!

So what is the rumor mill swirling with this time? Well, not much coming from Captain Reliable (and herein lies the problem)…

Extensive Fall tour, West Coast only? October dates in Vegas at the Thomas & Mack? Three of a Kind flashbacks? Better to move it down the block to the Capshaw friendly MGM Grand? Does Texas get more than just a two hour festival set or is the tour galloping into Broomfield, CO for a stay at the AEG hyped 1st Bank Center?

But wait, what about Halloween? Are they taking a year off after the acclaimed Exile Set in Indio or donning another costume in Providence, no wait, scratch that, I mean Albany? The rumors don’t stop there. In November, do you know where your turkey and cranberry sauce are coming from? I sure don’t, but word is the Phish might be skipping Grandmother’s house for the Hampton Coliseum. Surprisingly, the dates that are the farthest away seem to be the most reliable: Madison Square Garden for NYE. But is it too early to mention a weeklong residency.

Oops, I just did.

(Hat tip to Mr. Miner for the rumor graphic)