The Predictable Demise of 70 Volt Parade

The Trey Anastasio Band will perform two nights at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA, April 26 and 27, 2006. Tickets go on sale to the public at 10AM (EST) via Ticketmaster. Tickets will be available through a real time presale beginning Thursday, March 2nd at 5:00pm (Eastern Time) and ending Friday, March 10th at noon (Eastern Time) at For more information please visit the Tourdate Page. [link]

The thing is, though, Is this TAB? 70VP? SerialPod?

It’s Trey Anastasio Band, which is theoretical good news for me. His TAB stuff was always closer to something I was interested, and by the time they finished and Trey went the 70 Volt Parade route, TAB was solid. Solid solid solid.

Trey seems insanely indecisive in his post Phish musical adventures, but my prediction is that he’s generally not feeling the same fulfillment that Phish gave him and he’s actively seeking it. 70 Volt Parade wasn’t doing it for him, so you know, he went with something more familiar.

I know it’s all hearsay and no one can ever peek inside that large, red-headed cranium of his, but I just get less and less thrilled when I hear “Trey” news. Anyone else have that going on right now?