The Perfect Phish-Nerd Weekend Project: Phish-araoke Contest

I loved the latest idea that the boys over at Coventry hatched up…

Did you ever want to be a rock star? Do you sing along to Phish songs waaaaay too much? Do you have an American Idol fetish? Are you just a whore for attention?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then you should become a contestant in Coventry’s Phish-araoke Contest. It’s so simple…

1. We pick a Phish song.
2. You record a video of you singing it.
3. Send us a link to your uploaded You Tube video.
4. The best cover gets a LOST lot t-shirt AND gets their video posted on Coventry.

Their first call for submissions is for folks to do their best “Get Back on the Train.” Get those entries in now!