the mars volta will potentially reunite soon based on cedric tweet to fan

The Mars Volta is working on plans for a reunion. How do we know this simple fact?

When hispano-prog frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala tweeted out a funny ridiculous video of him laughing over and over at his guitarist cracking him up at an interview, a fan responded hoping he’d get his attention. He said “I dream with you guys giving TMV a new chapter” with TMV being The Mars Volta.

He goes on to say that he knows the band is totally capable of doing it because he’s seen what they’ve done on their At The Drive In shows, which really honored the legacy of what that unique band had accomplished.

Cedric simply tweeted back two words: “it’s happening.”

We also caught wind that he tweeted out this set of notes going on to describe what it would be…. before deleting both tweets.

Seems obviously why it’s deleted now, and he’s essentially crapping on his record label. But hey, that’s what Twitter is good for these days.

And as for the reunion itself, that sounds like fact, not opinion.