I’m not sure if I’ve really ever taken a poll of the readership on this site, so I’m curious what the popular consensus is here on The Mars Volta. I’ve yet to see these guys live and I’m still kicking myself for missing the April 20 show that they played in Chicago, but the timing of my move cross-country was getting in the way mentally. I’ve vowed to never miss these guys again because their music is more impressive technically than more than I’ve ever been exposed to. Judging from the live videos I’ve seen, these guys look to have more energy than they know what to do with.

I still find it funny that these guys made on Letterman, too. I wonder how the studio audience reacted, but I wonder more about how the audience at home must have reacted. Even expecting the music to sound the way it does, this video just knocks the piss right of you.

Mars Volta on Letterman (HD version) [YouTube]

I mean, come on–you’ve seriously got to love that finish!

Read on for the dates announced so far.

The Mars Volta Tour Dates

09/12/08 Fri Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Columbus, OH
09/14/08 Sun Orpheum Theater Boston, MA
09/17/08 Wed Hammerstein Ballroom New York, NY
09/20/08 Sat Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA
09/23/08 Tue Asheville Civic Center Asheville, NC
09/24/08 Wed The Tabernacle Atlanta, GA
09/26/08 Fri Zilker Park Austin, TX M

(via JamBase)