The updates from Tennessee have been few and far between.

Maybe next year Justin and the Mrs. will pack up some gear and meet my lazy ass down in . Then again, if we do make it down to next year, there ain’t a chance in H-E-Doublehockeysticks I’ll be sitting by a computer for the weekend for the lot of you. You’ll be on your own, suckas.

As for this year’s extravaganza, here’s my favorite part of this article, the latest from

Meanwhile, in the comedy tent, four costume-clad artists performed a surprise “ Ball.” Filling its set with classic-rock and metal covers like ’s “Cocaine” the quartet was later revealed to be and ’s Darren Pujalet, as well as ’s and . Adding to the confusion, Cinninger traded in his guitar for a bass for the surprise performance.

For another update, of all the mainstream media outlets, USA Today is blogging from Bonnaroo. Check out their updates here.