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Hakkasan Nightclub unveiled its brand new kinetic light installation, The Hakkasan Grid, with a performance by Tiesto during this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival EDC (link).

The grid is made up of 57 four-foot triangles that span 30 feet and weighs 12,000 pounds altogether. The Hakkasan Grid is the largest light installation in the US and is capable of producing complex light arrangements and customized images.

It also boasts the only ceiling with color mixing capabilities and a pixel-mappable layout.

“The nightlife industry requires constant evolution and excellence, and we pride ourselves on consistently rising to this challenge and providing our guests with unforgettable, transformative experiences. We’re thrilled to yet again push the boundaries of nightlife with the new Hakkasan Grid. We’re confident that guests will be blown away by this futuristic, multi-sensory experience we’ve created,” said James Algate, executive vice president of entertainment at Hakkasan Group.

The Vegas nightclub followed up Tiesto with performances by Steve Aoki and Calvin Harris as well.