The Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh and his son Grahame chat with The Washington Post

Great article in the Washington Post about Phil and Grahame Lesh playing together…

When Grahame Lesh decided to enter his high school talent show in 2003, he asked his dad, Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh, if he’d join him to perform the band’s hippie-era anthem “Sugar Magnolia.” “I was so touched and so proud that he invited me to play with him,” Phil says.

The piece goes on to discuss how Grahame obviously had grown up around the Grateful Dead’s heavy touring years, clearly a formitive experience for a youngerster. Naturally he went on to learn guitar, although it wasn’t heavily pushed on him that he was supposed to follow in his dad’s footsteps in any way. And how cute is Phil for being such a proud daddy in this article…

“The way he thinks about music and the way he strings his thoughts together, he really has a feeling for the long line,” Phil says. “So he’s thinking ahead and at the same time he’s open to the moment when you throw all the rules out the window and you just wail. It is so enjoyable for me to play with somebody like that. If I had my druthers I’d play with him every time. Because of the way he plays. But it makes it even better because he’s my son.”

Check it out below.

The Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh and his son Grahame share a band – and an even stronger bond [The Washington Post]