The Duo’s Latest Doings | Marco Tour, the ‘Zeppelin Experience,’ and Indie Props

(updated below)

Been wondering about the Benevento-Russo Duo?

They had a rather huge 2006, dropping a stellar album (Play Pause Stop), doing a summer tour with Trey Anastasio and Mike Gordon, hitting Lollapalooza, and wrapping things up with a solid fall tour. But we haven’t heard all that much about their 2007 plans…

Benevento Mini-Tour
Looks like Marco Benvento (the keyboards half of the Duo) has set-up a mini-run of shows in the Northeast in March with JFJO‘s badass bassist, Reed Mathis, and Mike Dillon, of Critters Buggin, on percussion. That should make for a pretty ridiculous jazzy experience…or, perhaps we’ll get some random “Duo-style” cover tunes? Either way, this should be an interesting combo. Also, it looks like Marco has plans for a solo release called “Marco Live at Tonic” slated for later in 2007.

A ‘Bustle in Your Hedgerow’
Even more exciting is the re-appearance of “Bustle in Your Hedgerow,” last seen and heard rockin’ out the “Led Zeppelin Experience” in a post-Lollapalooza haze. Once again, the Duo (Marco Benevento and Joe Russo), join forces with Scott Metzger (of Rana), and Dave Dreiwitz (the bassist of Ween) for several nights of Zeppelin craziness in Boulder at the Fox (2/28), Denver at the Bluebird (3/1), Chicago at the Abbey Pub (3/2), and a final St. Patty’s Day throw-down in Teaneck, NJ at Mexicali Blues (3/17). Silver Wrapper‘s got the deets on the Chicago show. Overall, this should be a rowdy-good time. Perhaps we’ll see ya in Chicago!?! (thanks to our commenter Nicholas for the correction!)

By the way, in case you missed it, the last time these guys got together, Brendan Bayliss joined them for a rockin’ evening, and some highlights of that evening made into our Live Music Blog Podcast #048, which was shortly followed the entire show just for s***s and giggles.

but wait, there’s more…

Pitchfork Review
For some odd reason, our favorite indie rock journa-snobs at Pitchfork have finally gotten around to reviewing the Duo’s 2006 release, Play Pause Stop, and –gasp — they like it! In fact, they have given it a solid 7.6 rating. What?

Actually, I really like this review, as it not only gives a solid nod to one of our favorite albums of 2006, but brings up some themes we frequently discuss here on this blog. More like this please…