Well, I’m not exactly sure whether to call this one a rumor or not. It’s on the boards; that usually means that it’s true, right? Obviously I do some selective editing when determining what to regurgitate here. It shouldn’t be called a rumor if it alledgedly came straight from the source at their show last night.

The Duo, Mr. Marco Benevento and Mr. Joe Russo, will be joined by Mike Gordon for their New Year’s Eve performance at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Allegedly (and then confirmed by numerous other board posts), Marco and Joe told the crowd last night and there were plenty in attendance. I guess the proof will be in the Flac copy. At any rate, this would be my bet had I not already made plans. I’m going to see them at Jamsterdam anyways, uh, I mean Jam in the ‘Dam.

Related: Check out this great gallery of The Duo with Mike Gordon from October 6, 2005 (San Francisco). Download the show from bt.etree.org.

[Benevento-Russo Duo]
[Mike Gordon]