the Disco Biscuits | Stolen Tracks 2

During Umphrey’s McGee’s set at Lollapalooza, some dude walked over near our blanket and sat down for a second to fiddle with his backpack. He grabbed a large handful of discs and threw one over by us. Our first reaction: what the hell/f***/s*** is this guy doing?

I look down at the disc and see art very similar to the Disco Biscuits The Wind at Four to Fly discs. I look over as he gets up to leave and I notice that the dude is in fact Marc Browstein, the bassist from the Disco Biscuits. Small world, I guess…

The disc is called Stolen Tracks 2 and I figured that it’s free to share (especially if the bassist of the band is handing out CD’s to whoever cared to want one). Enjoy…

The Disco Biscuits
Stolen Tracks 2

1. World is Spinning [mp3] (tracks 1-3 off The Wind at Four to Fly)
2. Caterpillar (edit) [mp3]
3. Voices Insane [mp3]
4. Rock Candy > [mp3] (Starscape Festival, 6.24.06)
5. Abraxas > [mp3]
6. Rock Candy [mp3]
7. Pinball Wizard [mp3] (w/ Scott Metzger, 5.28.06)