The Chattanooga Times Free Press is blogging their way through Bonnaroo (as many others are, thanks in part to the newly legitimized medium finally reaching the media outlets), and they’ve already reported on something that just should not happen…

A 32-year-old Huntsville, Ala., man was found dead at his campsite Saturday morning, sheriff’s officials said

This is hugely unfortunate, and it only hurts the image of Bonnaroo and the purpose of the in general. Also, as blogged, the weather has been similar to last year’s event.

The searing heat has been replaced steady rain, making this the world’s biggest mud pit. And weather forecasters say it won’t let up. Oh, boy. At least the tent doesn’t leak … sort of. Most of the could care less what the heavens are sending down. They dance anyway, and the rubber boots don’t hamper the hippie sway.

I highly doubt the mud could top as the top spot in “Muddiest/Nastiest Ever,” but I’m still excited for all the mud-covered-Wookie pictures that will surely come out of this. If it’s already muddy, and the Sunday radar looks like this, I think the festival could get a little crazier…

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