WATCH: The Chainsmokers on SNL (w/ Louis C.K.’s Monologue)

No longer the EDM one-hit wonders that brought us “Selfie”, the Chainsmokers are officially moving themselves into the musical mainstream. Last night they got their chance at visually stimulating a national audience on Saturday Night Live as the musical guests joining Louis C.K.’s hosting gig.

There’s a full band backing up “Paris” and “Break Up Every Night” and it was a good move to make sure they were showing a full presence on that stage, not just two dudes behind a DJ booth. They’re clearly a little green playing to a live studio audience vs. the usual EDM stages they’re used to pumping their low end through, so let’s not fault them too hard for having some pretty horrid stage presence overall. We’ve seen worse.

Definitely check out the Louis C.K. monologue as well, a solid nine minutes of new standup from a guy at the top of his game.

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