The Case Against Phish? Not So Much

(via <a href="">strangedesign</a>)

(via strangedesign)

Idolator published a scathing (!) piece yesterday entitled The Case Against Phish: Why a Once-Great Band Should Stay Dead in which one fan argues that the band peaked in ’97 and should not be returning to the stage this summer.

Anastasio’s rehabilitation and subsequent return to playing music is inspiring—particularly when you consider what happened his spiritual forefather, Jerry Garcia. And in 2003, Anastasio told PBS: “If we are going to be able to kickstart this group, something’s gotta change.”

The problem is, not much has changed since 2003—except, perhaps, that Phish got a Twitter account. The March shows in Hampton were a hodgepodge of greatest hits, with only three new songs out of the 85 making up the set lists and very little pushing, or even leaning against, the envelope.

Don’t deny how powerful Trey’s rehab is, especially considering that it seems at least somewhat plausible that he wants to leave this band and his legacy on a good note. I know I turned around when I hear how bad on drugs he really was, and I, for one, welcome a rehabilitated Trey back to the live music world.

Plus, what’s wrong with an official Twitter account? This guy acts all above it or something.